Amber Senter has 17 years of marketing and project management experience. Currently the chief operations officer (COO) at Magnolia Wellness in Oakland. Amber's primary responsibilities include creating and implementing procedures to improve sales and increase profitability. Under Senter’s supervision, the dispensary has grown by nearly one thousand members a month. Senter is COO at Eureka Management Services (EMS), providing contract services to cannabis businesses. Her voice is trusted in the growing cannabis industry, as is her unsurpassed knowledge of the end medical and recreational user base. Senter has co-founded several companies, including Supernova Women. Formed in 2015, this nonprofit organization is dedicated to empowering women of color to become self-sufficient cannabis industry shareholders. She also founded Leisure Life, a lifestyle and infused edibles company, and heads product development and marketing for the brand. Senter is a sought after coach and mentor, and a role model for new marijuana business entrepreneurs.