Brandon Chaves

Brandon Chaves is a full-time manager employed at a 6,700-square-foot medical marijuana cultivation facility in Phoenix, Arizona for Maku, a cultivation management company established in 2013. Since its first harvest in the August of 2015, Maku has quickly established a reputation for the very best in quality product, with various strains cultivated under strict organic and probiotic conditions.  With expertise in chemistry and biochemistry, Brandon is charged with overseeing analytics. More recently, given his demonstrated dedication to the industry and to Maku, Brandon has been tasked with a share of the responsibility for identifying and following up with strategic business development opportunities. In addition to his position at Maku, career highlights include positions as emergency medical scribe for John C. Lincoln Hospital and research assistant for Translational Genomics (TGen). Brandon holds a bachelor of science degree from Arizona State University, department of chemistry and biochemistry.