Adam Dunn

Adam Dunn first worked at the Hash Museum in Amsterdam prior to starting his first company with friends—Cannabis in Amsterdam (C.I.A.). C.I.A quickly became a hotspot for growers, expats, and hemp enthusiasts. At C.I.A his seed company T.H.Seeds® was born where world famous strains such as Bubblegum, S.A.G.E. ®, Heavy Duty Fruity®, and Chocolate Chunk were developed. In 1995 Hemp Works, Europe’s first dedicated Hemp store was opened. He started an in-house clothing label called Hemp HoodLamb®, an independent hemp label offering a broad collection of refreshing hemp gear. After 16 years running his businesses in Amsterdam Adam decided to move back home to the US. With the new emerging cannabis market in America, Adam now uses his expertise to help people in the industry with industrial growing, breeding, hash production and all other aspects belonging to cannabis production.