Ralph Morgan

Ralph Morgan brings a unique combination of business savvy and medical industry experience to his role as co-owner of Colorado Harvest Company, OrganaLabs and O.penVAPE. In 2009, Ralph seized the opportunity to be a part of history and opened a retail cannabis center, Evergreen Apothecary, on Denver’s Green Mile. He recognized and appreciated that the cannabis industry was an opportunity to help people find healthier alternatives for their ailments. At the same time, Ralph and his wife, Heidi, saw a void in the market for medical grade products for medical cannabis users. This idea led to the creation of a new company, Organa Labs, focused on the super-critical natural CO2 extraction of high-quality, lab-grade cannabis oils. Relying on their combined years of professional healthcare experience, in just four years, Organa Labs became the national leader in natural C02 extraction techniques.

The success of natural extraction met the demand for pure and balanced cannabis oil with consistent and convenient dosing. This led to new business partnerships involving a series of trials with various personal vaporizer pens, resulting a new entity,  O.penVAPE. , which is now the leading cannabis personal vaporizer in the country.

In 2010, the increasing popularity of legalized cannabis spurred the partnership with Tim Cullen, owner of Colorado Harvest Company. Tim’s thriving grow operation supplied Ralph’s manufacturing business and Evergreen Apothecary’s need for more cannabis to sell to the steady stream of customers who visited his shop on Denver’s Green Mile. They joined forces to become cannabis industry leaders in growing, manufacturing and marketing natural cannabis.