Peggy Noonan

Peggy Noonan is the creator and Partner in Cornucopia Infusions an Infused product’s and concentrates Company in Arizona.  A native New Yorker Peggy has had a diverse career; starting with the Cannabis field upon graduating College, she has been an advocate for the healing benefits of the plant for several decades. Her passion is “creating.” Cornucopia creates handcrafted scratch made products and concentrates, using the best practices and ingredients. She began with a healthy savory line expanding into sweets; Cornucopia even grinds peanuts for its peanut butter. She listens to the market continually expanding variety. These Products are sold throughout the State and invited to expand into other States. She is adamant about the need for education, standardized testing and proper dosing.

Peggy graduated Arizona State University and Parsons School of Design. She has been a Substance abuse Therapist, is an Interior Designer, Developer and General Contractor, in New York and Arizona with a specialty in food service and Restaurants’ and has had ownership in several restaurants. She brings this expertise to the Cannabis Industry and is available as a consultant.

Can be reached at: [email protected]  web site  
Cell 520-955-0430